Inspired Championship League 2024 - Part 2

Hosted by:

Inspired Martial Arts
01733 685353

Registration deadline:

Sat July 13, 2024 @ 11:59 PM BST 12 days ago

Entry fees:

First category: £12
Additional categories: £8 each

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General Information


Spectator Tickets on the door £6 CASH ONLY

The 2024 Inspired Championships will be held over 3 tournaments across the year, with 10 competitors Crowned Inspired's Grand Champions!

Points will be given depending on how each Student places throughout.

This is the second competition of the series.

Each Student will also be representing their Area i.e. Hampton or South Lincs. At the end of the League, the Area/Team with the most points will Win a Trophy for their area.

Points will only be counted for 1 Points category per tournament but you may fight in more than one.

1st - 10 points
2nd - 5 points
3rd - 3 points
4th - 2 points
Runner up - 1 point

When booking, you will be asked to cover Experience Levels. This is the breakdown of the levels;

Beginner - White Belt through to Yellow Belt (Little Heroes/Inspired Heroes) AND Less than 4 Competitions
Intermediate - Orange Belt through to Purple Belt (Warriors Journey) AND less than 8 Competitions or Lower grade that has done between 5 - 8 Competitions
Advanced - Brown Belt through to Black Belt (Road to Black Belt) OR More than 8 Competitions at any grade!


Blocker Battles (Ages 6 and under ONLY)- Blockers used to score points to legs only.
Points Sparring - Sparring, similar to classes, competitors are stopped and started when scored clean points.
Ultimate Points - 1-minute hands only, 1-minute feet only, 1-minute hand and feet. Points added throughout all sections.
Open Weight Points- Done via age, but no limit on height, weight, or grade of competitor. Cash Prize Awaits. Must have Minimum 4 Competitors to run and competitors must enter a regular fighting category.
Kata & Weapons - Battle in Performance with your Korean Kata or Traditional Weapons sequences to achieve the highest marks.
Continuous Sparring - Sparring, different to classes, competitors are NOT stopped and started. Winner is decided by who scores the most techniques as well as the flow of the fighters.

For any inquiries email:

Inspired Martial Arts - Hampton