2022 Q1 Updates

Demo: Automatic Interlacing

Livestreaming Your Tournament on Facebook

Tournament Day Best Practices

Schedule Splitting

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Recording Match Scores

Adding Competitors to Existing Draws

Kumite and Kata Scoreboards

Electronic Scoring And Replays

Credit Card Payments, Age Cutoffs

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Match Sides Now Swappable

Coach And Official Registration

9th Kyokushin Karate European Championships

Individual Registration, Fighting Up, And More

Sending Invitations

Competitor Lists Now Searchable

Nikon Open 2015 Final Results

A or B?

Competitor Nationalities Now Editable

Single Elimination Seeding Improved

Video: Editing Brackets

Coming Up: 2015 Sunshine Coast Taekwon‑Do Invitational

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New Competition System: Quarterfinal Repechage

Updated Certificate Template

Certificate Templates Now Editable

Decimal Places in Kata Scoring

Payment Tracking

Print Out Draws as PDFs

Category Results Displayed On Screens

Kihapp Now Supports Team Events

Some of the most spectacular events in martial arts competitions are not between individuals but teams. The gracefulness of team patterns or the excitement of a self-defence demonstration are not easily matched.


How to Choose a Bracket System For Your Martial Arts Tournament

A good choice of tournament bracket system has a big effect on the success of a martial arts tournament. A large number of varying tournament systems are employed in different arts in different parts of the world.