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Kihapp is an online system whose purpose is to help martial arts tournament organizers plan and run tournaments. An essential part of this is the collection and processing of personal data. This privacy policy describes how we collect and use your personal data.

The data Kihapp collects

The data Kihapp collects, how it is used, and who controls it, depends on how you use our services.

If you don't have an account with Kihapp, the data Kihapp collects about you is the following:

  • The pages on you visit
  • Whether you arrived at through an ad

We use Google Analytics to collect this information. We collect this information so that we could better understand how the website is used and how to improve it. The information cannot be connected with user accounts. We retain this information for 14 months.

If you have an account with Kihapp, we additionally collect the following:

  • Your name (or other label - might not be your full or legal name)
  • Your email
  • The tournaments you have entered competitors in, or bought tickets to
  • The last IP address you used

We collect this information so that we can personalize the way Kihapp works for you, so that you would more easily find the tournaments that are relevant to you.

If you host tournaments with the help of Kihapp, we additionally collect the following:

  • The tournaments you have created
  • Your billing name
  • Your billing address

We collect this information for billing purposes. We use the information of which tournaments you have created so that we could better help you use Kihapp.

If you are entered in a tournament hosted on Kihapp as a competitor, coach, or referee, your data is controlled by the tournament host, and it is up to them to decide how to handle it, who to share it with and when to delete it.

Data practices vary by tournament, but the most common cases are described here.

Competitor data is most often collected through a registration form on Tournament hosts also have the ability to input competitor data into Kihapp that they have received by other means.

The data collected by the host varies by tournament, and depends on what kind of categories the tournament contains. Common attributes by which categories are defined are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Level of experience (such as rank, number of previous fights, or time of training)

Collecting this data is important in the interest of safety of the competitors - so that competitors who are too far apart in terms of their physical attributes or their skills wouldn't accidentally compete against each other.

In addition, the following data is often also collected:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Club affiliation
  • Nationality
  • Photo

Name, email and phone number are collected so that the host would be able to contact you.

Club affiliation and nationality are often used to determine competition arrangements, so that competitors would have opponents who are unfamiliar to them.

Photos are sometimes used for identification purposes.

How Kihapp uses data about you

Kihapp occasionally sends email updates about new features and other changes and improvements to Kihapp. To personalize these emails to make them more relevant to you, we use your data regarding tournaments you have created, as well as the tournaments you have made registrations in.

Kihapp also occasionally sends you emails notifying about tournaments you may be interested in. To predict which tournaments may be relevant to you, we use your data regarding which tournaments you have previously entered in.

If you want to stop receiving email updates from Kihapp, you can unsubscribe on your profile page.

Access to data

Kihapp's data is only accessible to the developer, and is protected by passwords and second-factor authentication. We access competitor data on behalf of tournament hosts if it is necessary to correct errors or solve problems.

Sharing of data

When you make a registration at a tournament, your email address is shared with the tournament host, so that they can contact you.

In case in the future the control of Kihapp is transferred to a new legal entity (such as in the case of a company restructuring), we will share data with that new entity.

It's possible that in some cases the law requires us to disclose your data.

Data retention

Kihapp retains browsing information for 14 months.

If you have an account with Kihapp, Kihapp retains your data for as long as that account is active. You can request to delete your account by contacting us at

If you are registered in a tournament, the retention of your data is controlled by the tournament host. It is sometimes beneficial to retain competitor data after the tournament is completed, because you can use existing data as a template when registering for a new tournament.

Kihapp helps tournament hosts erase competitor data that is no longer required. The default retention period is 18 months after the tournament has been completed.


Your data is protected by passwords (both the host's and Kihapp's own), as well as second-factor authentication.

Kihapp uses data processing services from companies that specialize in that activity, and as such can provide top-class security. The companies from which Kihapp purchases physical data storage services are Heroku, Inc. and Amazon, Inc.

The physical security measures of the centers your data is stored are described here and here by our subprocessors.


The main storage location of user data is in the Republic of Ireland. Because Kihapp has users and customers worldwide, data is additionally stored and processed in all countries where we have subprocessors, including the United States. Kihapp takes care to select only reputable and widely used subprocessors.

Kihapp uses the services of the following companies to process your data.

Company Location
Amazon, Inc. United States
Dropbox, Inc. United States
Google, Inc. United States
Heroku, Inc., a subsidiary of Salesforce, Inc. United States
Memcachier, Inc. United States
Pusher Inc United Kingdom
Slack, Inc. United States
Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd Ireland

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