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Kihapp is a tool that helps you set up and
run tournaments in any martial art.

It's entirely online, so there's
nothing to install, download, or import.

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"An excellent and well thought out tool. Easy to use and really takes the strain out of organising and running an event. Would highly recommend."

— Liam Gallagher

Ayrshire Open Karate Championships, Scotland

"I've been using Kihapp for several years. It's by far the best tool I have used after giving up pens and papers to keep the tournament in order."

— Janne Hiltunen

Beom Taekwon-Do, Finland

Online Registration


Receive your registrations through an easy online form. No more collecting registrations from email, snail mail, or SMS. No more importing 200 competitors on the night before the competition. No more fixing incorrect registrations, or figuring out poor handwriting.

Kihapp understands weight classes, ranks, genders, height, age, and any other variable you might want to make divisions by. There's an extensive set of defaults, so you won't need to define every weight class by hand. And if your set of divisions isn't available, just get in touch and we'll put them in for you.

Kihapp remembers who you registered to previous tournaments, so you never need to import a competitor twice. Never forget a student's birthday again!

Registration Demo

Online Payments


Handling cash can be such a hassle. Receive payments right through Kihapp.

Payments are in private beta and available on request.

Bracketing and Scoring

Bracket Scoresheet

Your job is to judge fairly and ensure the safety of the competitors. Computers are good at making random numbers, so why not leave bracketing to them?

Kihapp supports a number of different bracket systems, including single elimination, round-robins, and group phases. If you want to use something exotic, just get in touch and we'll probably be able to make it happen.

There's a scoresheet mode for disciplines such as kata, where it's not about winning a match but achieving a high score.

At the jury table, you just click on the winner's name, and Kihapp figures out who goes against whom as the event progresses.

No internet on the venue? Just print out the brackets and do it the old-fashioned way. You're missing out though!

A single 3G-capable smartphone is enough to provide connections for an entire tournament — though it's always good to have backups.

Scoring Demo

Real-time Info Screens

Info screens

Kihapp's info screens make sure competitors and coaches know who's up now, who's next, and where. They display the current status on the scoresheet, and announce the winners of matches and categories.

Knowing the current situation in a scoring category makes events such as breaking much more of a thrill. And who doesn't love seeing the name of their student or child on the big screen?

Award Certificates


Print out beautiful award certificates for medalists. Kihapp makes them for you automatically — you just sign on the line which is dotted.

The certificate template is freely editable, so you can make it just the way you like.

Athlete Profiles

Athlete profiles

Kihapp saves and remembers all results in its archive, so your athletes get beautiful digital trophy rooms.

Once you've accumulated some competition data, athlete profiles can be used to create ranking lists and to achieve fairer seeding in your coming events.

Athlete Profile Demo