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"An excellent and well thought out tool. Easy to use and really takes the strain out of organising and running an event. Would highly recommend."

— Liam Gallagher

Ayrshire Open Karate Championships, Scotland

"I've been using Kihapp for several years. It's by far the best tool I have used after giving up pens and papers to keep the tournament in order."

— Janne Hiltunen

Beom Taekwon-Do, Finland

Online Registration and Payments

Kihapp helps you save time by letting your students register through an easy and professional online form. You can also, optionally, collect payments at registration.

Kihapp understands weight classes, ranks, genders, height, age, and any other variable you might want to make divisions by. There's an extensive set of defaults, so you won't need to define every weight class by hand. And if your set of divisions isn't available, just get in touch and we'll put them in for you.

Kihapp remembers who you registered to previous tournaments, so you never need to import a competitor twice. Never forget a student's birthday again!


Kihapp helps you charge credit cards and receive PayPal payments. Credit cards are processed with the help of Stripe, which is available in more than 20 countries.

Kihapp also helps you track offline transactions and keep tabs on who has paid in cash or by bank transfer.

You can create discounts based on time of registration, and send out discount codes for individual students.

Draw Generation and Scheduling

Your job is to judge fairly and ensure the safety of the competitors. Computers are good at making random numbers, so why not leave bracketing to them?

Kihapp automatically creates balanced draws by keeping competitors from the same club on opposite sides.

Kihapp supports a number of different bracket systems, including single elimination, round-robins, group phases and repechages.

There's a scoresheet mode for disciplines such as breaking, where it's not about winning a match but achieving a high score.

All brackets are available in PDF form, so you don't have to worry about losing internet connectivity at the ring.

For live results, a single 3G-capable smartphone is enough to provide connections for an entire tournament.

Scoreboards, Wireless Scoring, And Livestreaming

Kihapp helps you keep score electronically and speed up the tournament by determining winners instantly.

Audience-facing scoreboards give tournaments a professional feel, and double as info screens that announce the upcoming schedule.

Scoreboards are available for a wide variety of martial arts, and new ones can be added quickly. Scores can be projected on a silver screen and streamed live to Facebook.

All of this is possible without any expensive equipment or complicated setup. A video editor isn't required either. A few phones and a steady wifi is enough.

Example Livestream

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest appreciation to Ville Sundberg, the developer of Kihapp. Behind the scenes, he supported me adapting the system to suit our requirements.

With great responsiveness and dedication, he layed the final hand on everything during the night before the Championships so that we could deliver a professional experience on the big screens.

I can recommend using Kihapp for similar competitions."

— Johan Liedholm

Responsible for Audiovisual Productions,
9th European Kyokushin Karate Championships 2015