2022 Q1 Updates: Flag Decision Scoreboard

Flag Decision Scoreboard

The new Flag Decision scoreboard allows you to judge kata, patterns or forms categories electronically.

More details in the preview video on YouTube.

Minor changes

  • ITF sparring scoreboards now ask for confirmation when declaring a winner in a majority-draw situation
  • A period and a comma are now accepted feet and inches separators
  • Fixed bug where flags for and against wouldn't show decimals in round robin standings
  • Group Stage now falls back to a single group when there are fewer than 6 competitors
  • The Excel export now includes coaches
  • Changed "Save" to "Next Competitor" in one-by-one categories at the scoreboard
  • Added judge scores to the Kata green screen
  • Added the ability to set the number of judges in Kata per-tournament and per-scoreboard
  • Added the ability for officials to print certificates
  • Added DNS and no-show labels to all scoreboards