Franco Cup

Hosted by:

Shihan Mike Franco;

Registration deadline:

Sat May 21, 2022 @ 11:59 PM PDT about 2 years ago

Entry fees:

First category: $40
Second category: $10
Additional categories: $10 each
Teams: $30 per team

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General Information

You and your school are cordially invited to participate in the Franco cup.

Doors Open: 8 AM
Registration DEADLINE:
May 21, 2022
All Ranks @ 9AM

Pre -Registration Check in Under Black Belt
8am - 11:30am

Black Belt Division Begin @ 10am
Under Black Belt divisions begin at 11:30am

$5 for 7 yrs and over.
$0 for 6 yrs and under

Important NOTE for Team/Synchronized Kata:
If you wish to register for Team/ Synchronized kata you will have to add that division under Register Team. Register team is NOT the place to register your entire team for the individual events but to register for synchronized kata.

If you wish to register your team please enter one participant first then after you are done with the one participant it will ask you if you want to register another participant. If you have any questions please let us know.

The printed rules clearly state: “Each contestant is responsible for the control of his/her techniques.” All competitors must wear protective equipment that is required by the referee counsel; gloves, helmet, mouth guard & groin protection (males). Other protective equipment can be worn as long as it is allowed by the chief referee. The wearing of the equipment is for the protection of the participants, NOT TO PROMOTE CONTACT. Contact violations will be given by the referee panel. 3 violations will result in disqualification. The Referee, with a majority vote, may elevate a contact violation if necessary, including up to disqualification. Any contestant maliciously causing injury to their opponent will be disqualified immediately and will be awarded Shikaku, exit from the tournament.

The Franco Cup will feature a beautiful 3D die cast medal for all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in all kata, kobudo, and kumite divisions. Amazing awards will be presented to the “Most Supportive School”. Beautiful awards for Grand Champion Kata & Kumite and Jr. Grand Champion Kata & Kumite.

Rank Description/Key:
Beginner = 0 - 1 yr experience
Novice = 1 - 2 yr experience
Intermediate = 2 - 4 yr experience
Advanced = Black Belt
*Divisions may be combined.

Carmichael Middle School