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How much does it cost to host a tournament with Kihapp?


The pricing of Kihapp is based on the number of competitors in a tournament, as well as the entry fee. The rate is 5 percent.

For example, if your entry fee is $10 per competitor, the price of using Kihapp is 50 cents per competitor.

This includes all features, including registration, payments, draw generation, wireless scoring, live streaming, and high‑quality technical support.


Full satisfaction guarantee

We are confident that you will enjoy using Kihapp, and that it will save you hours upon hours of time. If not, we will not charge you for your tournament.

Get paid immediately

If you choose to process entry fees through Kihapp, you are paid in full at the time of registration – Kihapp does not hold on to your money. (Your payments processor will charge their own fee at the time of registration.)

The fee for using Kihapp is paid by credit card after your tournament has been successfully completed.