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Hosted by:

Jimmy Cavanagh

Registration deadline:

Sun September 8, 2024 @ 11:59 PM BST in 3 months

Entry fees:

Early Bird

First category: £25
Second category: £15
Additional categories: £10 each

Sun Apr 28, 2024   –   Sun July 28, 2024 @ 11:59 PM BST

about 2 months to go

First category: £30
Second category: £20
Additional categories: £15 each

Sun Jul 28, 2024   –   Sat September 7, 2024 @ 11:59 PM BST

Spectators Ticket:

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General Information

• We are delighted to bring you the WKC Dundee Open and look forward to welcoming you for what promises to be an amazing day of Martial Arts. Please see below the information for this event.

. Event start time will be 10am after weigh in is complete.

• There will be ZERO TOLERANCE ON WEIGHT. Should you fail to make weight for your category, you will be disqualified and will not be moved up or down a section.

• Kids Novice sections ( 0-10yrs ) are for novice competitors only. This means competitors with limited experience of up to 1 years' training or no more than 4 matted events. Restriction on technique – no spin kicks, back kicks or jumping kicks.

Kids Advanced sections ( 0-10 yrs )are for advanced competitors with +18 months of training. No restrictions on techniques and no limits on matted events.
Should WKC officials believe the competitor is not a novice, they can and will be disqualified. Under no circumstances should any competitors be registered for a novice category AND an advanced category, within the same section.

• Low kick: Sections are for 11 years and above only

• Spectators can now purchase online.
Tickets are non refundable.
You must have your competitor/ Spectators band on at all times. These are non transferable.
Weigh ins will be held at the venue on Sunday 3rd 9am – 10am. Please note if you miss weigh ins you will be removed from your categories with no refund given.
Any coaches and fighters not showing respect to officials and other fighters will be disqualified from that event and all other categories still to do.
Un-sportsmanship will NOT BE TOLERATED.
There is NO REFUNDS if competitors or spectators fail to turn up for the event.