Gold Coast Cup

Hosted by:

GC Chito-Ryu Karate Club Inc


2022 Gold Coast Cup - Tournament Disclaimer

Registration deadline:

Sun Oct 23, 2022 23:59 AEST about 1 month ago

Entry fees:

$40 per individual

2 events: $40

3 events: $40

1 event or more: $40


General Information

2022 Gold Coast Cup will be held on Sunday 30 October 2022, at Ashmore, QLD.

ONLY members of Chito-Ryu Karate-Do are permitted to enter (no styles or clubs outside of Chito-Ryu Karate-Do may enter.)

By Entering this Tournament you agree to the terms and conditions of the Tournament Disclaimer:

Tournament Disclaimer

1. I acknowledge that I have read the definitions below.
2. I hereby acknowledge that my entry and participation in the martial arts tournament carries with it a significant risk of personal injury.
3. Therefore, I for myself and my Releasors hereby relinquish, release and/or waive any action against the releasees for any personal injury sustained by me arising out of and/or in the course of the competition.
4. In addition, in the event of action being commence, I for myself and the Releasors hereby indemnify the Releasees against any cost and damages arising from or connected therewith.
5. I acknowledge that I may be photographed or videoed during the course of the tournament, and that these materials may be used for display, promotion and/or advertising, or sold for profit, and I hereby waives all rights to compensation which they may otherwise be entitled to for appearing in such material.

a. “Personal Injury” has its ordinary English meaning and includes any injury for which a person might be awarded General Damages and/or Special Damages at Common Law.
b. “The Releasors” means my family, dependents, heirs, executors and/or assigns and any person or persons claiming through them.
c. The “Releasees” means the management committee, officials and instructors of the GC Chito-Ryu Karate Club Inc. and/or any person(s) jointly and/or severally involved in the conduct of the activities of GC Chito-Ryu Karate Club Inc.
d. “Any action” means any claim, right and/or cause of action for damages at Common Law or pursuant to any statute.

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