Golden Dragon Championships 2022

Hosted by:

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation & Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles


General Rules for Hand and Weapons Forms (Revised)

General Rules for CMA Light Contact Point Sparring

General Rules for CMA Light-Moderate Contact Continuous Sparring

General Rules for CMA Combat Sword Sparring

Golden Dragon Championship Registration

Tournament Parking Map

Shuai Jiao Chinese Wrestling Rules

Registration deadline:

Sat Nov 05, 2022 23:59 PDT in about 1 month

Entry fees:

First category: $30
Additional categories: $15 each

Spectator Ticket (Free for Children 6 and under, Media, Judges, Volunteers, and Sponsors):
$10 online
$10 at the door


General Information

Dear competitors,

The Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation (TCMAF) would like thank you for your participation in the 2022 Golden Dragon Tournament (GDC). Due to your enthusiastic participation, the GDC will now have approximately 350 competitors competing in over 230 events and will become one of the largest Chinese Martial Arts tournaments in the recent history of California.

Below is some general information regarding the GDC:

- Parking: Free parking
- Check-in: 7:45 am - 8:45 am (outside the gymnasium)
- Opening Ceremony: 8:15 am - 9:00 am (Lion Dance, Demonstration, etc.)
- Competition: Approximately 9:15 am - 6 pm
As of now, we do not know the time for each event.
There will be written and vocal announcements at the event.
- Number of Rings: 6
- Lunch Break: Determined by the Chief Judge of each ring
- Snacks/Beverages: Available for purchase

We wish you the best of luck at the GDC........but don't forget to have fun!

Best regards,


Golden Dragon Championships presented by the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles and fund-raises for the Tempt One ALS Foundation

Welcome to the Golden Dragon Championships, a continuation of the Tempt One Championships, a premier event that has served the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts community for the last decade. This unique tournament will continue its fundraising efforts to assist patients and families afflicted by the horrible disease known as ALS. The competitor’s fees, spectator fees, concession sales, personal donations and corporate sponsorships assist patients with the cost of physical therapy, caregiver costs and purchase of nutritional supplements. The Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation is dedicated to this challenge. As the vanguard of an art that is about movement, we support those who cannot move.

We are striving to promote our art by encouraging newcomers and beginners to participate. The addition of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce as a promoter of this prestigious event will certainly help raise the awareness of our efforts.

The federation is thankful to the dozens of instructors who give their time by volunteering as judges. We also appreciate the many competitors, parents, and donors who support this event. The many volunteers that make this tournament an ongoing success deserve a heartfelt thank you.


James Van
Director/Golden Dragon Championships

Tempt One ALS Foundation
ALS (aka, Lou Gehrig's disease) is a debilitating neuromuscular disease with no known cause or cure. It is generally fatal to most patients within 2-5 years from diagnosis. There are about 30,000 cases throughout the nation and it affects adults of all ages, ethnicity, and gender. This progressive disease affects the brain nerve cells (neurons) which control the body muscles. As the neurons degenerate or die, instructions and messages from the brain to all body organs weaken and deteriorate resulting in the patient becoming completely immobilized, confined to a bed, and dependent on the care fo relatives, loved ones, or caregivers. However, the brain remains completely alert and continuously functional to the end. Most patients also rely on a breathing machine (ventilator). Tempt One ALS Foundation assists local ALS patients and families with expenses related to massage therapy, nutritional supplements, or caregiver pay. Thank you all for helping to make this possible.

TCMAF Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Foundation
The Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting, and sharing traditional Chinese martial arts, in the spirit of friendship, unity, and respect.

Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles
The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (CCCLA) is a politically independent, member based, volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization that has been leading and serving the business community since 1898. CCCLA promotes the interests of our member companies by encouraging trade, business growth and new opportunities. We work hard on behalf of our members, offering insightful and meaningful contribution with respect to business connections, policy guidance and cultural education. We lead initiatives that positively empower Chinese Americans doing business in Greater Los Angeles. We establish scholarships – supported by prominent Chinese American leaders, for the benefit of the next generation of leaders – across a variety of disciplines in education, business and entrepreneurship, healthcare, and social justice. Through these programs, we believe we can enhance our social and economic influence within the greater community at large and provide a platform for Chinese American businesses to flourish.

Registering for Group Forms
For Group Forms/ Two Person Routines, Tai-Chi Group Hand Forms, & Tai-Chi Group Weapons Forms, Please Register INDIVIDUALLY for the group category you would like to compete in. You will be contacted after registration has closed and all members have been registered to determine the final grouping of participants.
NOTICE: Any strike, drop or scraping of the gymnasium floor during the performance will result in automatic disqualification from that event.

New event for this year - Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao)

Registering for Grand Champions
Advanced practitioners only. Participants must be sanctioned by his/her school's head instructor to compete.
If participants are competing for the Grand Championship PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR OTHER EVENTS.

1) Each contestant will perform one hand form and weapon form
2) Contestants with the three highest combined hand and weapon forms will be declared winners.
3) Contestants who sign up for the grand champions competition are not permitted to compete in other tournament categories.
4) The grand champion (first place winner) will be invited to the 2023 tournament to defend his/her title.
5) The top three winners will be invited and acknowledged in all TCMAF social events leading up to the 2023 tournament.
6) Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Arcadia High School Gymnasium