Kenwyn Martial Arts Centre

Hosted by:

Kenwyn Martial Arts Centre

Registration deadline:

Fri July 1, 2022 @ 11:59 PM SAST over 1 year ago

Entry fees:

First category: R200
Additional categories: R50 each
Teams: R80 per team member per category


General Information

Kumite only tournament FOR ALL GRADED MEMBERS.

WKF rules will apply.

White belts - orange belts will do shobu ippon kumite(non contact)
Blue belts to black will do kumite(semi contact)
Randori-irikumi - brown to black belts

Protective gloves and gum guards are compulsory WKF kumite.

R200 per competitor
R80 for additional catergory

We have two tournaments left July and Oct 2022 to prepare for our big event next year 2023.
Next years event is my 40 years in training and we will celebrate it with a 40th Anniversary Karate & Kobudo friendship tournament.

We need volunteers to help and asist with tournament preparation.
I will provide the training.

COVID protocols will apply- sanitising and masks are compulsory.