Apex Martial Arts Interclub

Registration is by invitation only.
Hosted by:

Apex Martial Arts Academies
07585 664286

Registration deadline:

Fri Jun 24, 2022 23:59 BST 3 months ago

Entry fees:

£25 per competitor


General Information

Welcome to the Apex Martial Arts Academy Interclub Tournament 2022. We hope you're all looking forward to a great day.

IMPORTANT: When registering, you will see two drop down boxes in relation to belt.

Rank: This box is for those in our Junior Taekwon-do class and above, and corresponds to regular Taekwon-do belts.

Level: This box is for our TKD Kidz ONLY, and corresponds as such:
Novice: White Belts & Orange Belts
Intermediate: Yellow Belts & Green Belts
Advanced: Blue Belts & Red Belts

Wallace House Community Centre