UBF Interclub

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KO Boxing Gym

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Thu Feb 10, 2022 23:59 GMT 3 months ago


General Information

The UBF interclub is a perfect opportunity for novice boxers to get in the ring an showcase their skills in a safe, controlled environment. This will be day consisting of non decision Boxing & Muay Thai bouts, with no winner or loser, we ask coaches to encourage their fighters to focus on displaying technique and controlling their emotions.

We offer matches across Muay Thai, K1 and Boxing rule sets. With three rings in operation at once this allows us to host a large number of fights across all 3 disciplines in a safe but exhilarating and intimate environment. UBF Interclubs are like no other - a DJ, announcer, fresh food cooked on site and a large crowd in an intimate space - this all culminates to create an amazing atmosphere and really simulates the fight experience.

Sunday, 13 February
Boxing weigh-in: 11am
First Boxing bout: 1pm

Fee for spectators and fighters: Adults £10 Under 10s £5
(Every gym is allowed 2 cornerman free entry)

We look forward seeing you at our event.

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Food & and refreshments will be available for purchase!

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