Olympic Rules Amateur Muay Thai

Hosted by:

Aaron Jones

Entry fees:

£2.50 per competitor + £30 per category

3 day spectator Ticket:
£20 online
£60 at the door


General Information

You are invited to our first ever Olympic Rules amateur muay thai world open.
Held at the prestigious 5 star Vauxhall Holiday park in Great Yarmouth, We have exclusive access to the whole site, facilities and entertainment.
The tournament has categories from 6yrs to seniors featuring junior and amateur rules from 12yrs.
This event will be the most credible event to win and we have teams and national associations from across Europe and beyond registering their interest.
Let's face it outside of IFMA events world championships are not necessarily "world" but if you know what the awakening events were like we packed the whole card with top level foreign gyms so we hope we can do similar by making the event open to the world.
Fighter entry £30
Non fighters £20
Gyms get 3 corner passes
Friday - weigh in , registration opening ceremony, seminars
Saturday- preliminary rounds, seminars
Sunday- Finals, closing event
Monday- check out
full use of facilities throughout the stay.
Onsite accommodation from Friday to Monday sleeps 4 to 8 with range of options from £269 to £389.... total cost for 4 days per unit NOT per person.
Refunds only available if we are unable to match in a category, We will not refund in any other situation apart from illness or injury and info from doctor must be provided.
Whilst we aim to keep all categories as listed if a fighter can not be matched we will look to match based on the same age and weight spread, for example an unmatched 9yr old from an 8-9 category could be matched with an unmatched 10yr old from same weight 10 to 11yrs category. If the only option is to move a fighter up or down a category you will be notified first

Vauxhall Holiday Park