Treasure Valley Karate Invitational Tournament

Hosted by:

Treasure Valley Karate Booster Club


Tournament Flyer

Registration deadline:

Sat Sep 25, 2021 23:59 MDT about 16 hours ago

Entry fees:

1 event: $95

2 events: $105

3 events: $115

4 events: $125

5 events: $125

Spectator Ticket:
$5 online
$8 at the door

Seminar - Kumite (sparring ) :
$35 online
$50 at the door


General Information

Invitational Karate Tournament. This tournament is a fundraiser for Treasure Valley Karate booster Club. Which provides support for Inland Empire AAU Karate of Southern Idaho Athletes & Coaches, travel, gear and registration fee.

This tournament is for any martial artist interested in participating in an educational tournament. Divisions available are Kata, Kumite, Kobudo, Synchronized, Blind Kata, Entertainment. We encourage judges to give critique and competitors to ask judges for recommendations. This event is for all who would like to learn and get feed back.
Sparring Seminar on September 24th with James Robinson from Washington State. Over the last 10 years, James Robinson has focused on refining the winning techniques of competitive karate. Introduced to international tournaments while competing on the AAU Junior National Team, James became dedicated to studying the world's most successful karateka. James seeks to bring you effective strategies to win at modern kumite!

In these seminars open to all ability levels, James will aim to develop a tactical understanding of the game of kumite. By providing a mixture of common-sense drills and a conceptual framework for success, James hopes to guide competitors towards the most efficient route for winning tournaments, and having fun doing it!
You will not want to miss this seminar. (Extra cost not included in division registration fee.)
Judges will need to participate in a judges class to be able to judge. Center judges will need to have extensive knowledge of judging criteria. Date and time TBA.

Tournament rules will be modified AAU Karate rules.

Kumite will be by bracket system.
Kumite divisions will be NO Contact.
Mandatory gear for Kumite (sparring): Due to COVID - Competitor is responsible for their own Helmet, Mouth Guards, Gloves, Groin Protector (cup for males). Gloves must be karate foam gloves, may not be boxing or MMA gloves.
Optional: Shin and foot Guards.

Kata will be by point system.

Divisions will be divided into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt. Divisions may be combined.

More detailed information on website.

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