Interschool Tournament


General Information

Welcome to our Interschool tournament. This is a Free Tournament for all. This tournament is for students of Idaho Martial Arts, Treasure Valley School of Karate & Inland Empire AAU Karate to be able to get together and experience a tournament in a fun and friendly environment. This tournament is open to all ages 3 and up. This tournament is free and is being hosted so that any that want to compete can get experience and those that are helping can get tournament helper experience before the booster clubs larger tournament on September 25th.

Some divisions may be combined in both age group and gender depending on size of division. Divisions will be formed after all registration has been complete. Deadline for registration will be on July 17th at 10:50am. Tournament begins at 11:00am.

Schedule of events:
8:00am - Booster Club Member Meeting & Officer Votes
9:00am - Helpers – If you are from IMA & TVSK and would like to help at the tournament we will have plenty to do and would appreciate your help.
10:15am – Check In & At Door Registration Begins
10:45am – Last Call for Registration
11:00am – Tournament Begins.

***BLACK BELTS: Calling all black belts from either school. We would love your help in judging for this fun tournament. This tournament is considered an educational tournament. So any suggestions to the competitor is highly encouraged. We want to grow the next group of students by giving them information on how to get better.

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