Online Open Worlds Martial Arts e-Championships

Hosted by:

Master Harry van Schaik

Registration deadline:

Tue May 19, 2020 23:59 CEST 8 months ago

Entry fees:

First category: €10
Additional categories: €5 each


General Information

Open World Martial Arts E-Championships 2020 - All Styles E-Competition

Kwon-Ki-Do Martial Arts – Self Defense Polish Association of Taekwon-do ITF hq KOREA / UITF / OPEN ITF International Self Defense Association - International Martial ARTS Association

Grand Master Wojciech Dolny, Grand Master Dariusz Majchrzak, Grand Master Stanisław Majchrzak

Regulations of forms e-competition
§1 - General rules.
1.1. E-competition includes the category of Individual Forms/patterns (taekwon-do, karate, kung fu, other), broken down into:
- hard forms;
- soft forms;
- weapon forms;
- 2 categories of free arrangements/forms - developed by the contestant (estimated time approx. 1-1.5 minutes):
1. Free forms on a small surface of up to 3x3 meters (one step forward, one backward, and one step to the right and left side)
2. Free forms on a larger surface –above 3x3 meters

1.2. The competitor presents the form system recording it on video without further processing or editing. The video is submitted to the Competition Organizer via Google Drive link. Links are sent to the following email address:

1.3. The forms system is evaluated according to the following points system:

7.0 - 10.0 points (including decimal points e.g.: rating - 9.5 points)

7.0 - lowest rating (numerous technical mistakes).
8.0 - average rating (small number of mistakes)
9.0 - good (small number of minor mistakes)
10.0 - highest rating (mistake-free performance)
The contestant who achieves the best result in the category is the winner.

1.4. Categories - belts (level of advancement):
- Beginners (fighter or 10-6 kup / kyu)
- Intermediate (warrior or 5-1 kup / kyu)
- Advanced (master - from 1 dan)

1.5. Categories - in styles without kup / kyu / dan:
Beginners (fighter - up to 12 months of training)
Intermediate (warrior - 2-4 years of training)
Advanced (master - 5 years of training)

1.6. Age categories:
Colorful belts (without belts):
Youngsters 7-8-9 years old;
Cadets of 10-11-12 years old;
Younger Juniors 13-14-15 years old;
Juniors 16-17-18 years old;
Seniors 19-35 years old;
Veterans 36 + ....

Black (championship) belts:
Cadets of 10-11-12 years old;
Younger Juniors 13-14-15 years old;
Juniors 16-17-18 years old;
Seniors 19-35 years old;
Veterans 36 + ....

1.7. Categories by sex:
- women
- men

1.8. Depending on the number of participants, categories of skill levels and age categories can be separated or combined. Medals are awarded when at least 3 competitors take part in a given category. When combining categories, the consent of the transferred competitors is required.

1.9. Unauthorized change of the technical format of the application results in its rejection.

1.10. Providing false information on the entry card results in disqualification of the contestant without refunding the entry fee. Candidates with unpaid applications will not be allowed to take part in the competition.

§2 - Judges and evaluation criteria

2.1. The competition is judged by three scoring judges from different styles (taekwondo, karate, kung fu or other) and one main referee.
2.2. In ambiguous situations (draw, disqualification etc.) the decision is made by the main referee. There is no appeal against his/her decision.

2.3. Presentation of the form:
- a bow
- giving the name of the form (if it is a traditional form) and a bow again
- start and presentation of the entire form
- final bow.

2.4. Assessment criteria
2.4.1. The correct order of the techniques (with traditional systems).
2.4.2. Force control.
2.4.3. Control of muscle tension and relaxation.
2.4.4. Control of speed and rhythm of movements.
2.4.5. Correct direction of movement.
2.4.6. Understanding of the techniques made.
2.4.7. Returning to the starting point.
2.4.8. Head and eye reactions.
2.4.9. Correct positions.
2.4.10. Coordination of movements.
2.4.11. Keeping balance.
2.4.12. Exclamation (with traditional systems).
2.4.13. Proper breathing.
2.4.14. Fighting spirit.
2.4.15. Pauses and tension building.

§3 - Consent to distribute the image
1. 3.1. Each participant who submits a video agrees to publishing their image by "Kwon-Ki-Do Martial Arts - Self Defense; Polish Association of Taekwon-do ITF hq KOREA / UITF / OPEN ITF; International Self Defense Association; International Martial ARTS Association; " represented by "Grand Master Wojciech Dolny, Grand Master Dariusz Majchrzak, Grand Master Stanisław Majchrzak".
3.2. The film will be published as a whole or in parts on facebook and youtube.
3.3. Upon the participant's request, the film can be removed within 1 month from its publication.
3.4. The image of a competitor participating in the competition can be combined with the images of other participants of the Open World Martial Arts E-Championships 2020.

§4 - Prizes and entry fee

4.1. Each participant of Open World Martial Arts E-Championships 2020 receives a commemorative diploma of participation sent via email.

4.4. The cost of participation in the competition: 10 EU - one competition, 5 EU-additional fee for another competition.

4.5. Payment: Through the gym manager of the school.

4.6. The deadline for uploading videos with forms is May 20th , 2020.

4.7. The results will be announced on May 30th , 2020 on the following website:

4.3. After announcing the results, the winners of each category will be able to order their medals (the shipping fee to be covered by the recipients). If you would like to receive a medal, please send an e-mail to

§5 - Verification of participant data, recording dates.

5.1. Along with the application for participation and consent to distribute their image, the participant sends a photo or a scan of any document with their photo, name, surname and date of birth. Other data must be covered/blurred.
5.2. Before starting the forms presentation, the participant confirms the recording date by showing a daily newspaper with a date not earlier than May 1, 2020 in front of the camera. Videos recorded prior to the date of May 1st 2020 will not be included in the competition.
5.3. From the moment the date is presented, the recording of the form presentation must be continuous and not modified by film processing programs.

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