2nd youth open state Taekwondo championship 2020

Hosted by:

Umesh mahto

Registration deadline:

Tue Feb 04, 2020 23:59 IST over 1 year ago

Entry fees:

₹600 per competitor + ₹600 per category


General Information

2nd Youth Open State
Competition Rules • World Taekwondo New Competition Rules.
• Single Elimination Tournament System.
• Team Entries: Manager : 02, Coach : 02, Contestants – Boys : Nolimit and
Girls :No limit
For online entries
• Entry Fee: Rs.600/-Each contestants

• Protective
The Organizers will provide Chest Guard and Head Gear only.
Yet The player will also bring their own Head Guard and
Chest Guard with them. They should wear their own WTF &
TFI approved Dobok, Groin Guard, Forearm Guard, Shin
Guards & Mouth Guard
• Conditions Of
Participation :
• The Individual Entry Form should be duly filled and compulsorily
signed by the Parent / Guardian, Participant & President /
Secretary/ Principal of the School/Club. The Consolidated Entry
Form should be duly filled completely with Office seal and
signature of President / Secretary
/ Principal of the School/Club. Incomplete Entry Forms will not
be accepted.
• Drawing of Lots: - Team Officials should be present for Drawing
of Lots. Absentees will be substituted by R.T.A. Officials.
• Weigh – It will be done at the time of registration. Original Birth
Certificate, Government Hospital Age Certificate, TFI ID card &
Accreditation Card should be produced at the time of Weigh –
• Security money 1000/- will be diposite by each team (Refunded)
• Awards: 1
st Position – Gold Medal+ Certificate+FanPad
Position – Silver Medal+ Certificate
Position – Bronze Medal+ Certificate

Marudhar mathur samaj community Hall mansarovar jaipur