WRSA World Open Chamionships

Hosted by:

World ring sports association

Registration deadline:

Thu May 21, 2020 23:59 CEST about 1 year ago

Entry fees:

First category: £35
Additional categories: £25 each

spectator tickets:
£35 online
£35 at the door


General Information

The WRSA World Championships depends upon fighters being entered at the correct weigh they can maintain safely.

All who register are provisionally placed into categories within the age weight limit allowances. If for any reason fighters cant be matched we will create new divisions within 2yrs and 3kg allowance. we will always do our best to match as many as possible if for any reason we cant match you you will be notified and refunded.

If we cant match you within the 2yrs and 3k allowance we will refund you or allow you switch rules or move up a ages weight division at YOUR coaches consent.

All divisions are provisional until all fighters have weighed in, passed licence check and passed medical where required. These things are out of our control but will do our best to manage any changes which are needed

please note there will be no refunds if :

No Licence is purchased or produced
If you Fail Medical your medical
If you Fail weigh in to the categories you have selected we will try to rematch you but if we cant its the weight you have selected.

WRSA World Championships