Jindokai Junior Development Competition

Hosted by:

Sensei Dion - Jindokai
0404 836 084


Manual Registration


Registration deadline:

Sun Sep 08, 2019 23:59 ACST about 2 years ago

Entry fees:

First category: $40


General Information

Club Development Competition:
To help our members to become familiar with Karate Competitions; and to develop confidence in competition skills.

NOVICE: - 10th Kyu to 7th Kyu
INTERMEDIATE: - 6th Kyu to 4th Kyu
ADVANCED: - 3rd Kyu to Black Belt

Mostly ‘Round-Robin’ Format - ensuring that all participants get numerous opportunities.

Nominations accepted On the day
Registrations open at 8:15am, and close at 9:00am

Cost is $40.00 per person

Some 'Categories' may be merged; if there are inadequate numbers, to run a Round-Robin format event.

St Columba College (Gate3)