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Sport & Combat Sambo Midlands Open

Hosted by:

Melton Combat Sports

Registration deadline:

Sat Jan 25, 2020 23:59 GMT in 5 months

Entry fees:

£10 per category

Adult Spectators:

Child Spectators:

Competitor per category:


General Information

Tournament is open to all Gi/Jacket based Grappling, Wrestling, and Striking styles

Competitor ages:

Sport Sambo - 8yrs+

Combat Sambo - 18years+

Registration on the day from 9am. (No refunds after the first fight of the tournament starts)

*ALL* Competitors are to produce an in date and *suitable* martial arts personal insurance certificate/licence, at the point of registration. Failure to produce this will result in you not being able to compete. If unsure of your insurance suitability please check with your insurer, club, or governing body.*

Tournament starts with Sport Sambo at 10am.

Payment per weight category at the point of registration.

Weigh ins are completed at the point of registration.

Medicals for all fighters will take place following their registration.

Spectators pay once at the point of entry.

Sport Sambo is a Russian Gi/Jacket based wrestling/grappling sport, similar to a combination of Judo, Wrestling, and JuJitsu.

Combat Sambo is a Russian Gi/Jacket based mixed martial art that allows the use of Punches, Kicks, Throwing, Ground Grappling, Head Butts, and Ground & Pound.

Trophies for category winners and medals for 2nd and 3rd places.

This is a BSF recognised tournament.

FIAS/BSF rules apply.

Fighters attire:

Sport Sambo - Gi/Jacket, Gi pants or shorts, groin protector, wrestling boots optional.

Combat Sambo - Gi/Jacket, Gi pants or shorts, open face head guard, mouth guard, 4oz MMA mitts, groin protector, Shin instep pads (thin fabric type, not thai style), wrestling boots optional. (Head guards, gloves, and shin insteps can be provided on the day)

The venue has a refreshments bar, male & female toilets and changing rooms.

No showering facilities on site.

Centrally located.

Premier Inn is next door. Other hotels available around the town centre.

Venue is 10 minute walk from the towns train station.

Restaurants, bars, and shops available within a few minutes walk.

Parking is available on site on a 1st come first served basis, approx 10 cars.

Car parks are available within a few minutes walk from the venue.

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