Jacket Wrestling Midlands Open Championships (Sambo Rules)

Hosted by:

Midlands Combat Sports MCS

Registration deadline:

Sun Apr 05, 2020 23:59 BST 8 months ago

Entry fees:

£20 per category

Adult Spectators:

Child Spectators:

Competitor per category:


General Information

Jacket Wrestling Midlands Open Championships 2020

In association with the WFMC British MMA and Grappling Championships

Open to any Jacket/Gi discipline - Sambo, Judo, BJJ, MMA, Wrestling etc.

You DO NOT need to have traditional Sambo red & blue gear, an colour jacket will do!

Categories: Jacket Grappling (Sport Sambo), and, Jacket Strike & Grapple (Combat Sambo).

FIAS Sambo rules apply

£20 per category

Registration opens 31st January and ends 27th March 2020

Weigh-in and medical on the day 9-10am sharp!

First fights start at 10am sharp!

event finishes at 15:00/3pm sharp!

At the point of weigh-in, all competitors must produce an in date licence/insurance certificate or booklet with their own name on, from either their own insurer, club, or, association/organisation. No insurance, NO competition, you will be refused entry!

Sanctioned by the BSF & WFMC under FIAS Sport and Combat Sambo rules.

Competition is open to all Gi/Jacket based Grappling, Wrestling, and Striking styles

Athletes ages: Sport Sambo - 7 to 65yrs, and, Combat Sambo (Full Contact strike & grapple) - 18 to 45yrs

On the day of competition. Any athlete/competitor under the age of 18yrs will not be authorised to compete if they are not accompanied by an appropriate adult. in the UK an adult refers to someone who is 18yrs+. Appropriate means a Parent, Guardian, Coach/Instructor.

Event starts with Sport Sambo at 10am sharp. Combat Sambo categories will commence once the Sport categories have completed.

Athletes may enter into the sport and combat categories as they will not clash due to running times.

Competitors/Athletes pay per weight & age category at the point of registration. (See the bottom of this page for registration details)

Spectators pay at the point of entry to the event hall.

Medicals for all fighters will take place during their weigh-in.

Athletes are matched prior to the event taking place, and will be pooled depending on their weight and age only. Experience and grades are not taken into account under these rules.

Categories/pools may be merged with the appropriate weight and age category either directly above or below if the event management deem it necessary due to a lack of competitors, or, due to time restrictions.

Sport Sambo is a Russian Gi/Jacket based wrestling/grappling sport, similar to a combination of Judo, Wrestling, and JuJitsu.

Combat Sambo is a full contact Russian Gi/Jacket based mixed martial art that allows the use of Punches, Kicks, Throwing, Ground Grappling, Head Butts, and Ground & Pound.

Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Fighters attire:

Sport Sambo - Standard Red and Blue jacket and shorts, or any Judo or Jui Jitsu style Jacket, Vale Tudo or MMA shorts, groin protector (optional), wrestling boots optional. (If a competitor is wearing a non standard Sambo jacket

Combat Sambo - as above but with: open face head guard, mouth guard, 4oz MMA mitts, groin protector, Shin instep pads (thin foam fabric type, not thai style), Sambo wrestling boots optional, NO Freestyle or Catch Wrestling boots. Female chest protector (optional).

Athletes who do not wear the traditional Sambo/Cambo blue and red Kurtka/Jacket and shorts will wear either a blue or red belt to identify their respective corners.

*ALL* Athletes are to produce an in date and *suitable* personal martial arts personal insurance certificate/licence, at the point of registration, that will cover them for the categories that they are entering into. Failure to produce this will result in you not being able to compete. If unsure of your insurance suitability please check with your insurer, club, or governing body.*

Athletes are able to enter multiple categories, including those No-GI categories running as part of the WFMC event. However, once registered you must ensure that you are available at the corner of the mat when you are called to compete. A 2 minute call time limit will be triggered, if you fail to arrive at the corner of the mat in the correct attire by the end of this time you will be disqualified, and the opponent will be announced as the winner.

Athletes are to be respectful to all venue staff, MCS/BSF/WFMC officials, and spectators at all times. Athletes will be automatically disqualified if this rule has been determined to have been broken at any time.

Athletes are NOT to talk when they are on the competitive mat. This includes talking to coaches, team members, opponent, or spectators. Athletes will receive a 1 warning rule for this. If you are caught talking on a 2nd occasion then they will be automatically disqualified. (asking the referee a question is permitted, but only for genuine reasons) Time wasting will result in disqualification, and is at the discretion of the referee and umpires.

Spectators, regardless of the status of their allegiance to a gym/club/competitor are not to be disrespectful to any athlete, venue staff, MCS/BSF/WFMC official, and other spectators at all times. Normal supporter type behavior of a athlete or team is obviously expected and permitted. However, swearing, derogatory, or aggressive behavior, is NOT permitted and will result in the spectator(s) being asked to leave the venue.

Referees/Umpires competitive match decisions are final, and will not be subject to negotiation.

Athletes/coaches who feel it necessary to raise a complaint regarding a decision. If a decision or rules disagreement is needed to be voiced by a competitor or coach, then they must do this at the umpire table with the respective official. This is to be completed in a respective and non-aggressive or derogatory manner. If this rule is not followed then disqualification may be awarded.

if an athlete or coach requires to voice a complaint or concern regarding the running of the event, then they must do this either on the day with the MCS event official, not a BSF or WFMC official, or, in writing/email to the MCS. Disqualification may be awarded if the said complainants breach the rules of this event, as per stated in the previous sections above relating to disqualification.

Coaching an athlete. One Coach is permitted to coach/direct their athlete from the official red or blue coaching area. They are to do this in a firm and respectful manner. Shouting or talking wildly and disrespectfully to any athlete, official, or spectator, will result in a warning from the referee/umpire, a 2nd breach of this rule will result in the coach being asked to leave the competitive area, and in severe circumstances the venue. Coaching from elsewhere in the venue is not permitted.

Athletes who are not engaged in competition on the mat are to observe the rules at all times, and, respect those athletes who are competing at any said time. Non-competitive athletes are to remain outside of the official competitive area and are not permitted to coach any athlete, unless they are the nominated mat side coach.

If a competitor, coach, or spectator have been disqualified or asked to leave the event they will not be subject to a refund. This is non-negotiable.

All competitors/athletes under the age of 17 are to be accompanied by a responsible adult (18yrs+) at all times. This includes the child's instructor/coach during the their time on the mat competing.

The venue has a hot & cold food and drink cafe, and, vending machines.

Toilet, changing, and showering facilities available at the venue.

Hotels are available around the town center.

Venue is 20 minute walk from the towns train station.

The venue is within 20 minutes drive of Birmingham City Center.

Restaurants, bars, and shops available within 20 - 30 minutes walk of the venue.

There will be no airport, train station, coach station, or, hotel pick up available at any time. It is the responsibility of all athletes to ensure that they make suitable plans to ensure that they get to all destinations on time and safely.

Paid parking is available on site, and is usually refundable on production of a ticket to the center reception.

Car parking is also possible in surrounding residential streets. (Be aware of local/residential parking restrictions in places)

The event is promoted and managed by Midlands Combat Sports MCS - midlandscombatsportsmcs@gmail.com

See the videos on the 'Midlands Open - Combat & Sport Sambo' Facebook page for technical rules.

For Entry:

You can find a letter of invitation within the the event Facebook page: 'Midlands Open - Combat & Sport Sambo'

You are permitted to enter into one Sport and one Combat category during the event. Combat categories will not start until the Sport categories have completed. (see category rules above)

Clubs/Organisations/Individual competitors -

Send the following details to midlandscombatsportsmcs@gmail.com

- Athletes/Competitors Full name
- Age & Weight category'(s) you wish to compete in (See the event weight and age category table. Please ensure that you make weight for your chosen category)
- Date of birth (Proof required)
- Instructor/Coach's name (If applicable)
- Club name (if applicable),
- Country of residence
- If you are not a UK National please state how long you plan to reside in the UK before and after the event.
- If you are not a UK National then please provide full details of the place you will be staying at. i.e. Hotel or friends full name, address and contact number.
- Any other details that the event organisers may need to know.

£20 per category due at the point of registration

Send Payment via bank transfer to:

- Bank Name: Lloyds Bank
- Account Name: Colin Wild
- Account Sort Code: 30-93-91
- Account Number: 23277368
- Payment Reference: 'your name followed by MOCSS'.

Payment Reference example: 'DaveSmithMOCSS', or, 'DaveSMOCSS'

*NO other payment method is available*

Failure to send the correct and complete registration details will result in non-registration into the event, and require re-submission, which may slow your registration down. Please ensure you send all of the details requested.

Please send us an email if you have any questions.


Go to Facebook and register on our page 'Midlands Open - Sport & Combat Sambo'.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on the 5th April in West Bromwich.

West Bromwich Leisure Center