WKN British Open

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Registration deadline:

Wed Jul 31, 2019 23:59 BST about 3 years ago

Entry fees:

First category: £20
Additional categories: £10 each

Under 16 years: £15



General Information

WKN British Open

Kickboxing - kicks above waist, trousers, kick boots and shins
K1 & Low Kick - Shorts and Shin insteps

The first WKN Mat competition to ever come to the UK

Event will take place on August 3rd and will be officiated by fully trained WKN referees and judges.

Visit the World Kickboxing Network for information on rules.

All participants will be required to wear head guards, Boxing gloves, gum shield, groin guard (male), and the appropriate foot/shin protection. Competitors must bring along their own protective equipment.

For any further information contact shaneweir12@hotmail.co.uk

Fraserburgh Leisure Centre