Kentucky Traditional Martial Arts Championships℠ (KenTMAC℠)

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Hosted by:

Muhlenberg Taekwon-Do Martial Arts℠


Korean Patterns (Forms) Division

Japanese/Okinawan Patterns (Forms) Division

Uniform Policy

Combat Swords


Championship Information

Championship Refund and Registration Policy

Kobudo Division

Adaptive & Special Needs Patterns

Power Breaking

Registration deadline:

Sat October 19, 2024 @ 11:59 PM CDT in 4 months

Entry fees:

Teams: $10 per team + $1 per team member per category

Coaches: $5 per coach

1 event: $45

2 events: $50

3 events: $55

4 events: $60

5 events: $70

6 events: $75

7 events: $80

8 events: $85

9 events: $90

10 events: $95

Spectator Ticket:
$5 online
$10 at the door

Championship T-Shirt Youth/Adult S-M-L:
$15 online
$20 at the door

Championship T-Shirt Adult XL, 2X, 3X:
$18 online
$24 at the door

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General Information

Kentucky Traditional Martial Arts Championships (KenTAC) is an OPEN tournament for all martial artists and organizations! Emphasis is on traditional martial arts, but we will have some open divisions for the sports martial arts crowd!

Traditional Patterns ChangHon aka ITF, Kukkiwon aka WT, Kwan aka PyongAhn/Heian/Pin'an and Kenpo Sets
Hapkido/Kuk Sool and Wushu/GungFu.

If we have ten (10) or more schools or twenty-four (24) individuals in the style (genre), that do a particular style of patterns (hyung, kata, poomse, tul, set, etc) we will divide them into divisions. So if we have 12 schools that do the PyungAhn/Heian/Pinan forms, we will have that as a separate division. If we have 10 who do the Kenpo (Short 1, Long 1, Short 3, Long 3, etc) we will separate them. This will allow styles to participate in the same set but still have many competing options. We will combine those criteria into Korean and Japanese if they are unmet.

VIPs all 7th Degrees and above will receive VIP status. Please email us directly to obtain your pass. And seating arrangments.

1st Place Gold Medal & Custom Certificate
2nd Place Silver Medal & Custom Certificate
(2) 3rd Place Bronze Medal & Custom Certificate
5th Place + Custom Certificate


VETERANS GET 25% off per competitor! (CAC, VA ID, or Veteran Designation on State Issued ID)

Spectators Tickets 5$ are for 10 years of age and up! Kids under 9 are Free!

The first 25 to pre-register will receive a free commemoration t-shirt as our thank you for registering early!TS 15 YO+ ARE EXPECTED TO HELP JUDGE. All black belt competitors who assist in judging will receive a 10 % discount on their competition fees!

Central City Convention Center