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Hosted by:

Kris Crump


IMAC Forms / Kata Rules

Registration deadline:

Sat January 20, 2024 @ 11:59 PM GMT in about 1 month

Entry fees:

First category: £20
Second category: £15
Additional categories: £15 each
Teams: £30 per team


General Information


IMAC has been designed to give competitors the opportunity to compete and gain experience.

IMAC is perfect for those with less experience and those who are just starting out, however we do also have categories for those who have more experience and mat time.

Please note that only 1 entry is needed for Team Kata, Weapons has its own category listing whereas open hand in all disciplines is available via simple registration not under teams.

Para Divisions in forms have been added!

Extreme Musical Forms:
We have now split our musical categories into 3 options.
Novice - No tricks more difficult than a 2 hand cartwheel, no more than 360 jump spins.
Intermediate - No more than 3 inverted tricks (aerials, handsprings etc) No somersault tricks.
Advanced - No limit on tricks or spins.

Fighting Categories:
The fighting categories have been split into novice, intermediate and advanced divisions for each age and weight group. Detailed below are the requirements for each section:
Novice: Participant has competed at less than 5 events.
Intermediate: Participant has competed at between 5-10 events.
Advanced: Participant has competed at more than 10 events.

Team Points / Light Con requires a team to be registered. £30 for the team to enter (£10 per competitor in a 3 person team).

If the competitor is a Black Belt, then they can not enter Novice! Must be Intermediate or Advanced.

Please be honest when registering as false information could lead to disqualification.

Please ensure that coaches have also registered to enable us to get in contact for any reason. There will be a maximum of 1 coach per 3 competitors. Coaches are free to enter but must be registered otherwise you will be expected to purchase a spectator ticket.

The fighting rules and forms & kata rules are below, there may be some new information in there.

IMAC prides itself on being fair and equal to everyone therefore we ask you to treat our staff and judges the same.

Any queries please contact Kris Crump (IMAC World President) on

The Riccall Regen Centre