Northern Ireland ITF Taekwon-Do Open

Hosted by:

Taekwon-Do Northern Ireland


Official Invitation - 2023 Northern Ireland Championships - Version 1

Registration deadline:

Mon September 18, 2023 @ 11:59 PM BST 9 months ago

Entry fees:

£35 per competitor

Spectator Ticket - Adults and Children from 12 years old £5.00. Children under 12 years FREE:

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General Information

Dear Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, Coaches, Competitors and Spectators,

The Taekwon-Do Northern Ireland is delighted to invite you all to participate in the 2023 Open ITF Taekwon-Do Northern Ireland Championship.

This historic event will be held in the National Badminton Centre Lisburn Northern Ireland. The event will run on Sunday 24th September and is open to all Juniors (6-17 years), Adults (18-39 years) and Veterans (40 years & above) who hold the ranks of Green Belt (6th Kup) to Black Belt (6th Degree).

For our participants, the venue is within a very short distance of our major cities (Belfast and Lisburn) which will allow you to enjoy the very best of Northern Ireland’s culture and history.

We look forward to welcoming you all to enjoy a one day display of Taekwon-Do skills from some of the very best ITF Taekwon-Do athletes in the World.

Kind Regards,
Mr. Leo Maguire
President Taekwon-Do Northern Ireland

Sunday 24th September, 10am-8pm

All Junior Belts – Green Belt, Blue Belt, Red Belt and Black Belt – 6th Kup to 3rd Dan (Under 18 Years of age).
All Adults (18 -39 Years) – Green Belt, Blue Belt, Red Belt and Black Belt -6th Kup to 6th Dan.
All Veterans (40 Years & Above) – Green Belt, Blue Belt, Red Belt and Black Belt - 6th Kup to 6th Dan.

All competitors will be required to register their attendance on the day of the event.
Verification of identity, including date of birth and Taekwon-Do rank must be supplied via recognised documents such as:

Birth Certificate
Taekwon-Do certificate or membership book showing rank.
Failure to prove identity, rank and date of birth will mean automatic disqualification from the

Umpires should register online by 15/09/23.

All Umpires should have the rank of Black Belt 1st to 8th Degree.
All Umpires will receive training in advance of the competition.
All Umpires should wear the following attire:
Dark Blue/Black Dress/Suit Jacket
Dark Blue/Black Trousers
White Shirt
Dark Blue Tie
White Trainers or Martial Arts Shoes

• 1 to 5 competitors........................1 Umpire
• 6 to 15 competitors......................2 Umpires
• 16 to 25 competitors....................3 Umpires
• 26 competitors or more................4 Umpires

If a club/school cannot send an umpire, then a surcharge of £50 per missing umpire must be paid, otherwise the entries cannot be accepted.

Coaches should register online by 15/09/23.

All Coaches should have an appropriate coaching qualification.
All Coaches must wear the following appropriate attire to receive access to the competition area:
Track Suit Top or T-Shirt (with sleeves – no vest tops allowed)
Track Suit Trousers (no shorts allowed)
Trainers or Martial Arts Shoes

• 1 to 5 competitors....................1 Coach Pass
• 6 to 15 competitors..................2 Coach Pass
• 16 to 25 competitors................3 Coach Pass
• 26 competitors or more............4 Coach Pass (max)

National Badminton Centre