Inner Strength Martial Arts Karate Series

Hosted by:

Shaun Lanham 6th Dan

Registration deadline:

Mon November 6, 2023 @ 11:59 PM GMT in about 1 month

Entry fees:

£4 per individual + £18 per category
Teams: £25 per team

Spectator Fee:
£5 online
£5 at the door


General Information

This event is open to all Karate-ka no matter what affiliation you belong to. but you must have an individual licence to compete.

There will 2 competitions with the top 4 students in each category from both competitions added up, qualifying for a grand final fight night. (tba in a local hotel/venue)

the next dates are 28th January 2024 with the grand final 13th April 2024

rules will be as follows

full gi's must be worn, gum shields compulsory, wkf approved hand pads, wkf leg pads or elastic shin/instep.
chest guards / groin guards are advised but personnel choice, head guards optional for under 18's.


3 judges
up to 4th kyu: only 1 kata needed. can repeat if needed.
3rd kyu and above 2 katas are needed, different kata each round but can repeat one in the final if needed.
pairs / team: only 1 kata is needed.
There is no kata list, Club / Association kata's will be allowed.


mirror ref / judge.
1 point - punch (head / body)
2 points (kick to the body)
3 points (head kick. sweep take down with following point)
no head punches for under 10 yrs old, 10-15 yrs 4-6 inches away with no block will score.(no control will be penalized)
Punches must be pulled back not left out, time wasting will be an instant disqualification if warned 2 times.
kiai on all scoring points.
focus on opponent before during and after point.

excessive contact will not be tolerated, everyone is to enjoy the tournament.

referees decision is final, if you have a query go through your coach, do not argue with the referee as this will end with you being disqualified.

Kumite team

1 Male 18+, 1 female 18+, 1 cadet 15-17yrs, 1 junior 12 - 15yrs, 1 10-12 yrs

we do this different than everyone else, you compete against the other member of the team for 45 sec, with the point accumulating as you go, the team with the highest score wins.
if yo have not got the team member we will do our best to ask other clubs if there is anyone willing to join another team, after all mat time is the most important.
kumite rules above apply.

Talbot Heath Girls School