2023 The Friendship Tournament

Hosted by:

Brian Morrow
(509) 780-3808

Registration deadline:

Sat June 10, 2023 @ 11:59 PM MDT about 1 year ago

Entry fees:

First category: $55
Additional categories: $10 each

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General Information

You are invited to participate in the World of Martial Arts Friendship Open Karate Tournament.

Saturday June 10th:
Doors Open for Registration – 8:30am
Officials Meeting – 9:30am
Opening Ceremony - 10am
Tournament Location: 215 2nd St., Asotin, WA

Registration Cost:
Registration closes June 9th, 8 pm
$55 for 1st event
$10 for each additional event

Registration at door on June 9th
$70 for 1st event
$10 for each additional event

Rules & Regulations:
Rules will be from AAU Karate Rules. See Document information for download or go here: https://aaukarate.org/page.php?page_id=100177

Inclusive/Adaptive Division:
This division is open to the following:
Groups will be divided at the time of tournament depending on amount of participants at the tournament.
• Group A: Competitors have full mobility of arms and legs (competitor can kick above the waist and extend arms fully for hand techniques) or have a higher level of cognitive skills. Competitors perform patterns with assistance from instructor/coach. Instructor/Coach assists from outside the ring. People who qualify to compete in this group will have been injured serving in the military and or are veterans.
• Group B: Competitors have limited mobility of arms and/or legs (do not kick above the waist, do not extend arms
fully for hand techniques) or have a lower level of cognitive skills. Competitors perform basis skills such as blocking,
striking and kicking techniques with direction from an instructor/ coach. Instructor/coach may be in the ring with
competitor and perform technique/form alongside of the competitor.
• Group C: Competitor compete in a wheelchair. Competitor performs techniques/ forms on their own.

The printed rules clearly state: “Each contestant is responsible for the control of his/her techniques.” All competitors must wear protective equipment that is required by the referee counsel; gloves, helmet, mouth guard & groin protection (males). Other protective equipment can be worn as long as it is allowed by the chief referee. The wearing of the equipment is for the protection of the participants, NOT TO PROMOTE CONTACT. Contact violations will be given by the referee panel. 3 violations will result in disqualification. The Referee, with a majority vote, may elevate a contact violation if necessary, including up to disqualification. Any contestant maliciously causing injury to their opponent will be disqualified immediately and will be awarded Shikaku, exit from the tournament.

Rank Description/Key:
Beginner = 0 - 1 yr exp
Novice = 1 - 2 yr exp
Intermediate = 2 - 4 yr exp
Advanced = Black Belt
*Divisions may be combined.

Asotin High School Gym