ITFU England Sparring Grand Prix 2023

Hosted by:

ITF Union England

Entry fees:

£30 per competitor


General Information

ITF Union England is hosting its first-ever Sparring Grand Prix! This event is using a league-based system, meaning you will spar against everyone within your category. This event is tailor-made to find the toughest of the tough!

Sparring rounds will consist of 1:30 for all 13 and under, as well as Seniors/Veterans (36+), whilst black belts over the age of 14 years will spar for 2:00.

The Grand Prix is also hosting breaking (18+) and special technique (flying side-kick -13s, flying front-kick 14+)


Dobok (White colour from any ITF style group) ✅

Approved gloves and boots with covered fingers (Macho, Gran Marc, Top Ten or similar) ✅

No Boxing Gloves ❌

Male Groin protector (Mandatory) ✅

Shin guards (Optional up to 13 years old / Mandatory for Junior, Adults and Seniors) ✅

Mouth Guard (Mandatory for All) ✅

Headguard (Mandatory up to 13 years old and for all Colour Belts / Optional for Black Belts Junior, Adults and Seniors) ✅

Female Breast protector (Optional) ✅

North Solihull Sports Centre