Karate & Kobudo Tournament

Hosted by:

Kenwyn Martial Arts Centre

Registration deadline:

Fri October 7, 2022 @ 11:59 PM SAST 8 months ago

Entry fees:

First category: R200
Second category: R50
Additional categories: R50 each
Teams: R100 per team + R50 per team per category + R50 per team member per category


General Information

Closing date: Frid 7 Oct 8pm for entries.

Entry Fee:
Competitors entry fee: R200 for 1 division(Karate)
R250 for 2 divisions (individual kata + team kata) Minimum two competitors in a team.

Kata: R200
Kumite: 200
Kata & Kumite: R250
Team kata: R50
Team Kumite:

Kobudo kata entry fee: R200

NB:All students must enter a minimum of one division.
There will be a novice division for the beginner students who can perform half or the whole kata.(Kihon)

This will be the last dojo tournament of this year.The competitor who has won gold medals at all three events will be crowned our Dojo Grand Champion 2022 and will recieve a floating trophy.

Next year 2023 we celebrate my 40th year in training and will be hosting a 40th Anniversary All styles friendship tournament.In order to prepare our competitors this tournament is compulsory.

Tournament starts 8.30 am all competitors to be at the dojo 8.00am.​
NB: No karate class when we have tournaments as we would like everyone to participate!
Depending on the amount of entries it should take about 2 to 3 hours to complete.
Immediately after the tournament our presentation of medals.

Kenwyn Martial arts centre