Goshukan Invitational

Registration is by invitation only.
Hosted by:

Tarryn Madgwick
084 600 5070

Registration deadline:

Mon July 15, 2024 @ 11:59 PM SAST 7 days ago

Entry fees:

First 2 categories: R250
Additional categories: R100 each
Teams: R50 per team member per category

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General Information

Contact Tarryn Madgwick - 084 600 5070 /tarryn.mackenzie@gmail.com to receive the registration link!

Date: 20 July 2024
Venue: Brakpan Indoor Sports Centre, Bedford Street, Brakpan
Time: 07:30 for officials
08:00 for competitors
A program will be available

Entry Fee: R250 for the first two categories, R100 for each additional category, R150 per team per category

Entries Close: Friday 12 July 2024
Payment Due: Friday 12 July 2024
This is an All Styles tournament open for white to black belts, aged 5 years upwards.

All Dojos must please supply table officials and Judges/Referees to ensure a well balanced event. Judges and referees must be 16 years and older and a minimum of Brown Belt.
No individual payments, dojo heads must please make one payment for their dojo.

Bank: Standard Bank Cheque Account
Acc Name: M Madgwick
Acc No: 27 182 241 4
Branch: Boksburg
Reference: Dojo Name / Instructor Name

Payment and POP due: Friday 12 July


No refunds will be given for no-shows or competitors unable to compete due to illness/injury on the day of the event.
WUKF Rules will be used.
Equipment: Red or white bubble mitts and a gumguard, all other equipment is optional.
All WKF badges must be covered. No Blue equipment may be used.

Note: Inclusive Categories are for competitors with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, sensory impairments or neurological disorders.

Categories may be combined if there are less than 3 entries for that category.

Kata & Kumite:
Belts: White-Orange(10th-7th Kyu), Green to Purple/Red (6th-4th Kyu), Brown-Black (3rd Kyu +)
If there are a large number of one colour belt for example white belts then they may be split into their own category.
Age: 5-6yr, 7-8yr, 9-10yr, 11-12yr, 13yr, 14-15yr, 16-17yr, 18-20yr, 21-34yr, 35-44yr, 45yr+

Inclusive Categories:
Age: 0-12yr, 13-17yr, 18yr+
Belts: All Belts together
Any Kata, only 1 round of kata
Combat: Kihon (basic), Chukyu (intermediate)
Inclusive competitors can enter general kumite & team events

Team Kata & Rotational Kumite:

Team Kata:
1 round any kata, teams can be mixed gender, all belts together
Ages: 8-12yr, 13-15yr, 16yr+
May change depending on entries received.

Rotational Kumite:
Teams must be Male or Female - No mixed teams. All belts together
Ages:8-10yr, 11-12yr, 13-14yr, 15-17yr, 18yr+

Divided into Long weapons and short weapons. Competitors will be allowed to do kobudo kihon kata.
1 round of kata unless there are more than 12 competitors in the category


Brakpan Indoor Sports Centre