Halloween Karate Championship

Hosted by:

Maldonado MMA
408 219-7998

Registration deadline:

Wed Oct 26, 2022 23:59 PDT in 27 days

Entry fees:

Early Bird

First category: $40
Additional categories: $10 each
Teams: $45 per team

Sat Jul 09, 2022   –   Sat Oct 08, 2022 23:59 PDT

9 days to go

First category: $55
Additional categories: $10 each
Teams: $60 per team

Sun Oct 09, 2022   –   Wed Oct 26, 2022 23:59 PDT

$8 online
$10 at the door

Child 5 and Up:
$5 online
$8 at the door

$50 online
$75 at the door


General Information

Welcome to the registration page for the Halloween Karate Championship!

We cannot emphasize this enough. The final day to register is Wed Oct 26, 2022 23:59 PDT. Thank you for your cooperation and spreading the message!

If you don't see your school, please send an email to Antonio Lucero with School's name, Instructor's name and website/facebook page.

Rank/Experience Level

   Karate Events
   Beginner - First 3-4 Belts in respected art
   Intermediate - Second 3 - 4 Belts in respected art
   Advance - Third 3 - 4 Belts in respected art
   Black Belt

   FMA Events
   Novice - Less than 2 years of experience and no participation at a National or World Tournament.
   Advance - More than 2 years of experience or participation at a National or World Tournament.

First Timers - Divisions
These divisions are for competitors who have never competed before. These competitors should not have a rank higher than the third belt in your respected art.

Forms - Divisions
    Tradition Hardstyle: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Japanese Kenpo, Okinawan
    Soft Style: Kung Fu, American Kenpo, Kajukenbo, Chinese Kenpo
    Creative Forms: Open, Music, Empty hand or Weapon
    Traditional Weapons: Japanese, Korean, Okinawan
    Creative Weapons: Filipino or Kung Fu

Please use rank appropriate forms for Traditional and Soft Style. If you would like to use a higher form for your rank than you will be move to Creative Forms aka Open. Thank you for your understanding.

Grand Championship - Belts - Forms/Point Sparring/Continuous Kickboxing
Junior's GC will be reserved to 14-17 (Sparring- separate M/F). Adult's GC will be 18+ (Sparring - separate M/F). There most be at least 2 competitors in order to receive the belt.

Coaches Pass
A coaches pass will be required to be on the floor. However, one will be given for every 5 students that you bring.

Referee Registration
If you plan on being a referee, please register. We need an email and photo. We will be having a meeting on 10/15/2022 to go over rules and the flow of the tournament. A copy of the rules will also be sent out prior to the meeting.

To help limit the amount of people in the Contestant Area only one Coach will be allowed. In addition, we will continue to follow LOCAL COVID protocols for the safety of participants and staff/volunteers. Fighters will be allowed to fight without face masks. We highly encourage vaccinations and facemasks. Please stay home if you feel sick with any COVID like symptoms.

Promoter reserves right to combine categories.
Divisions will be combine if there are less than 4 competitors in order to ensure competition. However, safety of competitors will be taken into consideration based on age and weight.

Livingston Child Development Center