How To Set Up Your Phone For Online Scoring With Kihapp

Hardware Requirements

  • Android phones (one per judge) – tablets will also work
  • Internet connection (wifi or hotspot)
  • Phone chargers
  • Laptop or tablet for the jury table (one per ring)
  • Display or projector (one per ring)

Setting Up The Phones

  1. Enable Airplane Mode and make sure Wi-Fi is enabled.
  2. Using Google Play Store, update to the latest version of Chrome Browser.
    Kihapp's scoring is only known to work in the Chrome Browser at this point.
  3. Install Google Goggles.
    Google Goggles is used for scanning QR codes.
  4. Move Chrome Browser and Google Goggles to the shortcut area.
  5. Install Rotation Control.
    Rotation Control is used for making sure the screen doesn't change orientation while a match is going on.
  6. Set Sleep timeout to maximum.
    Set the display sleep timeout to the maximum allowed - usually 30 minutes. The way to do this varies by type of phone, but it's usually accessible through Settings – All – Display – Sleep.
  7. Set Screen brightness to minimum.
    To preserve battery, set screen brightness to minimum. This is usually accessible through Settings – All – Display – Brightness.
  8. Rotation control Activate Rotation Control.
    1. Open Rotation Control
    2. Activate Start Controlling Rotation
    3. Open the Notification Area
    4. Go to Notifications
    5. Select "Portrait"
  9. Prevent accidental presses of "Back", "Home" and "Menu".
    This can be done with a piece of electrical tape or a piece of cardboard wrapped around the bottom of the phone.

Attaching Judges

  1. In your Kihapp tournament, enable Register Referees from Settings – Registration.
  2. In the Referees menu, enter the information of the referees of your tournament.
  3. With the jury table computer, find the Screens menu on Kihapp, and open Judge View.
  4. Click on the judge slot you want to attach a judge into.
  5. Select the judge's name from the dropdown list. A QR code appears.
  6. Using the phone, open Google Goggles and scan the QR code.
  7. Open the link found by Google Goggles. If asked, choose to use Chrome Browser.
  8. The Kihapp logo should appear. Tap on Start and begin scoring!