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European Taido Championship

Hosted by:

Taido Finland
+358 50 542 3431


Official Invitation

Registration deadline:

Thu Jul 18, 2019 23:59 EEST in 3 months


General Information

Limitations for participation.

• Individual events: 6 persons per country (time of registration).
• Team events: Dantai hokei and tenkai 2 teams per country (time of registration) and dantai jissen 3 teams per country.

Other information

1. A mixed team in A5 must have at least three men. If either A5 or A6 does not have enough participating teams, the series will be combined. In this case, a country may have more than two participating teams.

2. The rule is that one dantai jissen team should consist of 3 competitors and team leader at entry time. However, if after entry has been done and a player is not able to participate due to injury or similar and no substitution is available, the match for the absent player will be counted as a "default loss" and the team can participate in the event with two (2) competitors. 2 competitors is smallest team that can participate. In dantai jissen, all five Taido technique classes must be represented by the three members of the team. Possible combinations:
a) sen-un (1), hen-nen (3), ten-sen (5)
b) sen-un (1), un-hen (2), nen-ten (4)
c) un-hen (2), hen-nen (3), ten-sen (5)
d) un-hen (2), nen-ten (4), ten-sen (5)

• The general rule is that competitors in jissen/ dantai jissen should have at least 2.kyu belt rank and in hokei, dantai hokei and tenkai 4.kyu green belt.

• Competitors have to be born in 2001 or earlier forjissen events and 2004 or earlier forhokei and tenkai events.

• Competitors must be members of a National Taido Organization (NTO) belonging to the World Taido Federation (WTF). A person who lives permanently and is a member of a club belonging to the NTO can be included in the NTO's national team with the consent of the person. Citizenship is not needed.

Jissen regulation

• Players are allowed to wear specified chest protections and the specified face protection. With own responsibility competitor can choose not to were protection. WTF keeps a list of acceptable chest and face protection.


• There is no limitation of the number of events one competitor can participate in.

• In case only a few or too many applied competitors in specific events, the competition committee reserves the right to make alternations in the event-compositions. Any changes will be informed to the national taido organizations the effected competitors belong to.

Competitor substitution

• Only for team events might a competitor be replaced, if the below conditions are fulfilled.

• Only if a competitor has to cancel participation due to illness or injury or similar reasons, the substitute that has been registered might replace the competitor as from the next match. (One substitute per team can be registered. No competition fee is necessary.)

• Before any replacement, the replacement has to be reported to and approved by the competition head office.

• If a competitor has been replaced, even if the competitor recovers from his/her illness or injury, s/he will not be able to take part in the same event again.

• If a competitor is stopped from participating by a physician s/he will not be allowed to participate in any event what so ever.

Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre

Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 Tampere, Finland